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Delivering best-in-class business results

Chalmers St. Consulting believes that all companies have the internal talent to be great. Growing people from within produces the strongest companies with the best results, but most companies are consumed by daily operations and lack the structure to leverage their internal work force as expert problem solvers who resolve problems continuously. Systemic problem solving approaches develop people and help companies identify their future leaders. Through this process, companies become “Learning Organizations” vastly outperforming their competitors, even in stable industries.

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All companies have the internal talent to be great


Smart companies look for ways to expand the capabilities of employees at all levels.


About the Founder

Matt Kroll is the founder and president of Chalmers St. Consulting. Chalmers St.’s purpose is to deliver best-in-class business results through the growth and development of people. Matt was previously the Director of Continuous Improvement at HERE Technologies, a global corporation building the next generation location cloud. He spent 11 years at Motorola and is a certified Master Black Belt. As a Master Black Belt, Matt has been responsible for developing improvement programs that deliver millions of dollars in operational efficiencies and revenue enhancement. In addition to delivering direct business improvements, he has been responsible for training and coaching teams in improvement methods and applications.


Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Northern Illinois University in 1999. He joined Motorola directly after completing college where he earned both his Black Belt and Master Black Certification. In 2009, he earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the Chicago Booth School of Business. Matt serves on the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Alumni Board and is responsible for developing and growing the college’s Lean Six Sigma Program.  

The Approach

Chalmers St. Consulting addresses specific performance issues within the client’s organization, but won’t leave with their institutional knowledge. The Chalmers St. approach includes employees in the problem solving approach, resulting in the internal capability to resolve difficult challenges.


Chalmers St. Consulting is highly experienced in identifying and resolving performance gaps in cost, quality, and cycle-time across all functional groups (production, sales operations, product development, finance, and human resources) and throughout multiple industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, software, and information technology.


Our goal is not to simply solve a problem, rather to build continuous improvement into the client’s organization. Continuous improvement is achieved through partnership with organizational leaders and coaching employees using the five services we provide:


  • Mobilize and Execute
  • Change Accelerated
  • Launch with Confidence
  • Kaizen Blitz!
  • Achieve Excellence Everyday
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