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A business environment where employees are excited to be part of a positive culture that challenges them to bring their best, that encourages dissatisfaction with status quo efforts and that provides development and experiences that make for enjoyable work.


To help mid-size companies create workplaces where everyone has pride of ownership in their role because they have the tools and autonomy to keep changing things for the better.

Core Values

Motivating people for improvement

One percent improvement every day means that we have a continuous drive for finding and fixing the abnormalities that burden our day-to-day work. 

Providing sustainable solutions through pragmatism

Our clients are in business because they solve complicated problems for their customers. It’s no surprise that there are no simple solutions to creating greater efficiency and better outcomes.

Systematic approaches that provide optimal solutions

The more a company scales in size, the more interdependencies exist between people, functions, and departments. We recognize the importance of understanding how a solution impacts multiple functions in an organization. 

Our Team

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