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Mastery is Achieved by Cultivating Experience

5X to 10X Return on Investment

The Problem to Solve

Visionary – Improvement cannot be left up to chance. The organization needs people that can be counted on to help change the company and to continually make operations better.

Change Maker – Change is hard. New skills and competencies need to be developed to move the company faster toward success.

The solution

  • High performing companies create the time, space, and motivation for people to see and solve.

  • Coaching on specific problems is the best way for companies to develop role models for improvement.

  • Mastery comes with time through seeing examples and intentionally cultivating development.

Becoming a better
change agent

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What Chalmers St. will do for you:

We help you dissolve the status quo and bring out the best in your organization by developing mastery in your people.

What We Provide:

Ongoing coaching around continuous improvement to turn high-potential employees into top performers and change makers.

How We Do It:

CI Mastermind is coaching and consulting. We provide access to personalized direction with collaborative peer support and expert guidance that focuses on real-world outcomes for participants instead of delivering “take it and forget it training.”

Why Us:

We embrace the reality that real improvement takes time and ongoing commitment. Our engagements are designed to provide the frequent and focused support that makes the most of every minute and every dollar spent on professional development for your team.

A Typical CI Mastermind Saves Their Company $50k Every 6 Months

Key Differentiators: Our CI Mastermind groups cultivate practical problem solving through continuous learning at a pace that ensures 100% of participants apply what they learn for a rapid and lasting impact on your organization.

The result is the holy grail culture shift, from status quo to high performance.

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