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At Chalmers St. Consulting we offer Kaizen training program design & implementation to rapidly and continuously improve your organization. Kaizen is a Japanese term that means “change for better” and it has been used by businesses around the world to increase their productivity and efficiency.

This type of training helps teams identify problems quickly and work effectively to develop and implement creative solutions. With Kaizen training, you can learn how to make small improvements on an ongoing basis which will have a lasting impact on your company’s bottom line.

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Benefits of Our Kaizen Training Program

Kaizen training is designed to create an environment of continuous improvement, which will enable your company to remain competitive and profitable. It can help you identify areas where changes are needed and take swift corrective action. By focusing on small, incremental improvements that achieve results quickly, you can capture immediate value and avoid making drastic changes that might have unintended consequences.

Here are some additional benefits of Kaizen for your organization:

  • Focused, effective methods from our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Instructors

  • How to streamline processes without reinventing the wheel

  • The keys to measuring performance and making adjustments accordingly

  • The tools to create an environment of continuous improvement for long-term success

  • Improve team communication and collaboration

  • Identify problems quickly and develop creative solutions

  • Make small improvements on an ongoing basis to maximize efficiency and productivity

  • Stay ahead of the competition while increasing profits

  • Reduce costly mistakes by making small, incremental changes

What to Expect in a 5-Day Kaizen Training Program

A typical 5-day Kaizen training program is broken down into core elements that focus on different aspects of improvement. The first day focuses on goal setting and developing a roadmap for success. This includes identifying strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential opportunities and threats in the organization. The second day dives deeper into process optimization, allowing teams to identify where efficiencies can be improved and how changes will affect the bottom line.

The following three days are spent exploring specific tools and methods for achieving those goals, such as Time-Based Flow Optimization (TBFO), Process Value Mapping (PVM) and Systems Thinking approaches. Participants also learn about problem solving techniques, including the “5 Whys” or Root Cause Analysis, to identify issues quickly and devise creative solutions. 

Additionally, they learn how to measure performance through data collection and analysis so that adjustments can be made accordingly.

Finally, on the fifth day everyone comes together to review what has been learned over the course of the week in order to make sure everyone has a proper understanding of how each tool works together towards achieving the same goal: continuously improving processes.

Throughout this session, instructors help participants apply their newfound knowledge by having them work through use cases related to their own business environment. This way, they can start seeing results immediately.

The Chalmer's Street Consulting Difference

Kaizen training isn’t “one and done.” Continuous improvement means we are with you for the long term. Our goal is to provide ongoing support in your company’s efforts to implement and execute what you learn during the first 5 days. The end goal: to guide your organization until it reaches peak optimal performance and profitability.

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Our CI Mastermind program helps your internal team develop the skills to apply Kaizen methodology in their own departments. With ongoing coaching, we help leaders within your organization become advocates for Lean methodology and make significant contributions to a more effective workplace. Most participants start creating a positive impact in their organization as early as the second session. 

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