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Our purpose is to improve your business results through application of best-in-class problem solving frameworks and develop the employee base to utilize these frameworks within their areas of expertise.

Mobilize and


Do your employees understand the organization’s “North Star”?

How do you translate a strategy into something meaningful for your teams?

This translation can take a company from good to great!



A strategy must be converted into visible measures of success

  • Identify initiatives that will deliver on strategies

  • Identify product/process streams and inputs & outputs

Performance measures are achieved by structured improvement initiatives

  • Initiatives are chartered with specific scopes and targets

  • Set targets that motivate the organization

Organizational schematics visualize this linkage and align employees’ work to objectives

  • Employees are engaged in these initiatives and can see alignment

  • Leading indicators are identified and tied to top level measures



Why do large initiatives fall flat?


What are the obstacles that obstruct improvement?


New initiatives are met with a host of challenges, navigating this takes skill and experience.



A good problem definition increases success

  • Assess organizational readiness

  • Develop the business case for change

  • Develop measures of success and align the organization around them

A structured approach uncovers the optimal solution

  • Facilitate collaborative problem solving sessions

  • Break the program down into solvable pieces that demonstrate progress

  • Drives persistence and urgency!

Difficult problems require a skilled facilitator

  • Black Belts can be assigned internally or recruited to support large initiatives

  • Black Belts have a unique set of talents in both analytics and influence

Launch with Confidence


What do we risk in the launch of a new product?

Has engineering thoroughly investigated all of the potential challenges?

There is much to be lost when we fail to meet customer expectations.



Idea generation

  • Develop critical customer requirements

  • Affinitize customer needs

Product development

  • Translate customer requirements into technical requirements

  • Translate technical requirements into quality and operational requirements

Testing and Launch

  • Predict and mitigate failure modes

  • Develop ongoing control plans

Kaizen Blitz!


Typical workshops lack structure for success.

Team-based energy and creativity delivers improvement through collaboration and direct involvement.



Rapid improvement

  • Bias for action

  • Results oriented

Team based problem solving

  • Clearly stated and visible mission that the team is committed to achieve

  • Creativity before capital

Structured problem solving

  • 5 days dedicated to solving a well scoped problem

  • Data driven, fact-based balanced against try and learn and try again

Achieve Excellence Every Day


Too often employees work around problems that are hidden from management.

Lean Six Sigma tools provide the foundation for exposing problems and implementing systemic solutions.



Develop problem solving knowledge

  • White Belt training

  • Yellow Belt training

  • Green Belt training

  • Black Belt training

Gain problem solving experience

  • Apply Plan, Do, Check, Act to standard work

  • Provide coaching to improve problem solving applications

Manage for daily improvement

  • Visualize work and performance

  • Engage leadership in daily work discussions

  • Develop future leaders through every day problem solving