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Retrospective is Powerful!

They say that hindsight is 20/20. Retrospective is powerful! This is true in part because in retrospect we can take our time and think carefully without emotion. When we are in the moment we often act with less care. I have a practice every week where I reflect on the activities of the week, the […]

The Importance of Leader Standard Work

The great thing about practicing continuous improvement is that it is a field that is evolving and changing. Just when I think I have read and learned all there is to know, something new (or at least new to me) drops on my desk. This year I started practicing Leader Standard Work (LSW) with my […]

CI MM Live

Become a change management expert with personalized coaching. Don’t just learn theory—get hands-on experience and practical guidance from a seasoned 6-sigma Black Belt. Our Continuous Improvement Mastermind Live Event provides the coaching to apply change management tools and principles effectively. Gain the skills and knowledge to overcome obstacles, drive change, and become a problem solver […]

Judgement and Experience Will Always Matter

While at Motorola we stretched the bounds of Six Sigma. We took the techniques into sales and marketing; at one point I even worked with our lobbyists in Washington DC. I recall talking to a marketing executive who was working on his Black Belt, he explained how they had set up a designed experiment between […]

Processes That Rarely Repeat

Some processes do not repeat enough to quickly know the impact of the changes that you make to them. Think about sales processes, financial reporting processes, engineering processes, or new product launch processes. You may only get one chance per month to take a measurement. Given the iterative nature of implementing improvements, this can pose […]

Statistics is NOT Math!

“Statistics is not math!” This is a statement that was made to me very often by an engineering leader back when I worked at Motorola. I was brought into an acquired company to teach them how we used quality tools. We were troubleshooting a product issue and trying different solutions. I would compute some basic […]

Get Our Free A3 Template Here: Plus Tips for Using It

Problem Solving Process

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, effective problem-solving methodologies are crucial for driving continuous improvement and achieving operational excellence. One such powerful tool is A3 problem-solving. Here, we’ll provide you with a quick guide of the A3 problem-solving methodology. We’ll also offer a free A3 template download, along with valuable tips on how to make […]

Chalmers St. 5 Whys Template

Happy July everyone! This month I will share some thoughts and news about the CI Mastermind Platform that we launched in June. Currently the platform provides tools for performing Waste Walks, writing Problem Statements, and performing 5 Whys Analysis. I will talk a bit more about 5 Whys, but first I would like to share […]

Using a Daily Management System to Keep Manufacturing on Track

People sitting around a table creating their daily management system

Using a Daily Management System to Keep Manufacturing on Track In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, staying on top of daily operations is crucial to ensure efficiency, productivity, and overall success. One powerful tool that can help manufacturers achieve these goals is a Daily Management System (DMS). Here, we will delve into the definition and […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Lean Daily Management

Lean daily management dart board

5 Tips to Improve Your Lean Daily Management Lean Daily Management (LDM) is a powerful methodology that enables organizations to drive continuous improvement and enhance efficiency. By implementing Lean principles and practices on a daily basis, organizations can create a culture of improvement, engage employees, and achieve operational excellence. Let’s take a look at five […]